Thalerra Tours @ The Sentinel Peak

The Sentinel Peak trail is also known as the ‘chain ladders’ hike.

The initial walk is on a good, but steep, path that skirts in a series of zig zags  to the base of the Sentinel where you reach the chain ladders. These are high enough up the mountain to immediately scale the vertical face of the Mont-Aux-Sources massif.

The chain ladders will more than test your metal – if you are even slightly frightened of heights, then don’t look down.

There is the alternative of hiking up the steep gully to the top of the Beacon Buttress.

Once up the escarpment the scenery now flattens out. It is a half hour walk to the edge of the Amphitheatre where the Tugela falls over its edge.

You can either head back down the way you have come, or you can return via the Beacon Buttress gully.

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